here, fishy fishy and other ‘what’s for lunch today?’

i do not know if these small fish are called “dulong” but stewed simply in garlic and tomatoes, oozing their own juices, they were delicious! i don’t think these fish grow any bigger. obviously, there was practically no bones to speak of, so you just gobbled them whole. (gobble, gobble.)


to go with these we had “instant” chicken soup (above) with eggs and fish balls added to it. And to be pretentious of healthy eating, we had adobong kangkong (below) obviously with too much soy sauce.



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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    So this was lunch? I love how none of it seems to actually go together, HA HA HA! I'm intrigued by the small fishies. But 'm not gonna touch that kangkong with a 10-foot pole 😛


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