Cephalopod cuisine: octopus and squid

I don’t think I’ve ever eaten as much octopus, or squid, in my life as I did while in Spain. No complaints, though. Madrilenos definitely know how to cook their cephalopods; they come out really tender. The octopus or squid is either boiled or grilled. That dish above, pulpo ala gallega, we got from Mercado de San Miguel, a market near Plaza Mayor in Madrid. It’s boiled octopus served with a boiled potato (center of the photo), sweet paprika, olive oil and lemon. They also give you bread to soak up all that drippings.


Later that night, at dinner with Ating S and Koyang D at Casa Tapas, they ordered squid ala plancha. It refers to the manner of rapid grilling using hot metal plates. Served with lemon and garlic aioli, this was delicate, tender and oh-so-yummy.


In Barcelona, we found a restaurant that Yelp users claim to have the best paella, Bosque Palermo. Not exactly the most accomodating of staff, but the food is absolutely amazing. For starters, we had grilled baby squid.


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