Bibingkinitan (little bibingkas)

we have done bibingka quite a lot of times, sometimes even from our kitchens. but i noticed that the bibingkas here in mindanao are quite different, much smaller (like the bibingkinitans sold in luzon) and a lot chewier. they also have a hint of gata (coconut milk) in them, and probably no eggs. i found two roadside stalls during my recent travels, the second one actually has a big reputation for good bibingkas. here’s the first, on a road in saranggani.
yes, that is an oven. it is fired up using chopped wood.
this is the galapong or bibingka mix. obviously these bibingkas sell like … hotcakes, he, he.

i’m usually green minded but i won’t take a pass at this. hihihi. (gemma’s bibingkahan)


and this is the headless ate gemma, he, he. serving up the two bibingkas i bought (at five pesos each). i have to add gemma is a generous soul. an old man (a vagabond) passed by her store and she gave him two for free. i didn’t have any intention to buy but seeing that kind act, i knew i had to do my share.

and then this is the second one, somewhere in davao occidental. this is a bigger operation because it stands in an intersection in front of a bus station. so there’s a steady market from commuters and passengers. here they have a bigger oven, and they use coconut shells and husks for kindling.

yup, these are really good bibingka. and for one weird reason, they were still warm after an hour, in an air-conditioned car.



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