looks like a small langka (jackfruit) or kamansi (breadfruit), but is definitely not a durian (yuck!), this fruit is called marang. it has small pods inside and you eat the flesh off the seeds, much like that of santol or cacao or mangosteen.

i can’t completely place the flavor. it does not have a pleasant smell but not as bad as durian. i think this whole line of fruits stinks (langka has that sweet stench too). the texture is creamy. there’s a lot of sweetness, and while some people describe the taste and texture as that of a banana or maybe an atis, for me it tastes like the flavor of saresa or aratiles (those red berries that are ubiquitous here in the country), that distinct flavor when the saresa is turning from green to red (yes, there is a distinction, i grew up on saresa fruits). he.he.


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