Embutido: Philippine-style holiday meatloaf

Holidays are just not the same without embutido on the table. Thank God, my mom found time to make some for Christmas. An embutido is essentially a meatloaf. But this meatloaf is unlike anybody who is not Filipino has probably had. The ingredients are insane. My family’s version includes pork, luncheon meat, sweet ham, chorizo de bilbao, sweet relish pickles, eggs, raisins and cheddar cheese.
Mom shapes the mixture into small logs, which she wraps in tela panyo. That’s a part of the pig’s stomach that kind of resembles cobwebs. She has special cheesecloths cut and measured for her embutido. Then Dad ties them up with kitchen string.
Some folks bake their embutido, others steam them. My family boils them. Mom sautees garlic, adds tomato sauce and buckets of chicken stock. Then she boils the embutido logs in the broth. After a little more than an hour, she fishes out the logs and sets them aside to cool. She continues to simmer the “broth” until it’s vastly reduced. That’s the sauce, which I LOVE! Sometimes I just pour it over hot rice and consider that a meal 🙂 I’ll put up my embutido against yours any day.

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