Flores Deli: Pupusas, sopas, tamales from Salvadoran eatery

There’s a pretty robust Hispanic population where I live on Long Island. I’ve posted about the Peruvian place here. This time, I’ll make your mouth water over the delicious lunches I’ve enjoyed from a Salvadoran eatery called Flores Deli.

A friend had discovered the place last year and I’ve been there a few times. One of my favorites from their extensive menu is the shrimp ceviche, with tomatoes, cilantro and onion with a hint of chili. This is served with crispy tortilla chips. I love that they do not skimp on the shrimp, which are tender and not overcooked. I like that it’s very affordable. A small container is about $4, and that’s enough for 2 appetizer servings.

Another item I often order is the tamales de gallina, or chicken tamales. It’s the closest version I’ve ever had to our Capampangan tamales. They do not have the brown peanut portion, nor do they have the chorizo or the hard-boiled egg. But they do have peanuts (sometimes, chickpea). Would you believe one tamales (tamale?) is only $1.50. One is enough to satisfy my hunger, but I get greedy so I often order two.

Of course, I don’t leave that place without ordering pupusas, which are handmade tortillas filled with either cheese, ground meat or fried beans. They’re quite big, bigger than the circle you’d make with your hands. The ground meat version is called pupusa de chicharron, and that’s my favorite. The cheese version is pretty good, too. They serve it with some type of slaw and watery salsa that I don’t usually use. Guess how much is one pupusa? Yep, $1.50.

Last year, during one rainy day, I actually got a sopa de res, or a beef soup. It’s almost a cross between our nilaga and sinigang. It just has a hint of sour, and has corn and yucca. This bowl? Cost me less than $4. See now why this is one of my favorite eateries?


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  1. Betis Boy says:

    wow everything looks really good! i want some of that ceviche and tamale! i miss the authentic tamales of old. the ones we get now are blah.


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