Bed of bamboo (papag)

have i told you how hot it is this summer here? and sometimes (oftentimes in the southern islands) we lose electric power for hours — one time even overnight. argh! that night, i literally slept in a pool of sweat.

i thought we should have a place to retreat to when those nights come again. or to just have somewhere to take an afternoon nap when the rooms are uncomfortably hot (and running the aircon in the daytime is too expensive). the solution? a traditional bamboo bed — but of course, a papag!

i know you personally love sleeping on them. and i don’t blame you: cool ventilation via the slits in the bamboo slats. cozy comfort of the feel of the wood on your back, and literally, the fresh air outside. if you’re lucky you even have a tree above you with birds chirping the day away, as we do have here in the province.

this is a mega papag: 7×7 foot dimension. we’re big in the family so it has to be mega-sized. ha.ha. this cost me around a hundred dollars to make (for materials and labor). i think it’s money well spent 🙂


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