The Forever Tofu

Last night I was feeling “healthy” (if you know me, health is a relative term) so I picked up some firm tofu from the supermarket and on the way out got a slice of pork spareribs (I told you, health is relative), some veggies and a can of fermented black beans. Obviously I had stir-fry in mind (although I don’t have a wok — instead a small shallow pan — nor a fiery stove — rather a convection oven). Anyway, the dish was doing well until I poured the whole can of black beans (obviously I don’t understand the word fermented too well).

20160117_191859.jpgThe dish went from savoury to salty to the highest degree. But I realized this too late because I had already served myself a bowl of rice toppings.

Feeling bad, I immediately rescued the remaining meat and tofu from the pan, then set aside the beans and the sauce for future (and hopefully more prudent) use. The tofu I stored as well, while the meat I washed in running water to rinse off the saltiness.


I made “tapa” of the washed pork this moring, putting additional sugar to be sure to counter the saltiness. It didn’t turn out too bad. Actually, not bad at all.


The vegetables I put in an omelette. So I got to recycle a disaster dinner last night into an otherwise decent breakfast.  What about the “forever” tofu? Well, let’s reserve that for another post. I’m still trying to learn the word “ferment” firsthand.


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