Tinolang Manok


As you may have noticed I only have one pan to cook with, even for soups. But cook soups I can, and do I cook away. Usually alternating between sinigang (any protein cooked with a sour fruit) or tinola (chicken soup cooked with unripe papaya slices and chili leaves).

After a long day of work last week and a longer trip home from the airport, I had a hankering for tinola. I had actually bought the unripe papaya a couple of days before so I just stored it in the ref. It was easy to find fresh chicken even if I arrived way past 8pm in my rented flat because … thank goodness…the grocery in our condo building is open 24 hours! So I got bits and pieces of chicken legs, wings, and neck (which is the best part).

For those who are not familiar with this dish here are the ingredients:
– fresh chicken, cut into pieces
– small unripe papaya, skinned and sliced into pieces
– small finger of ginger, sliced
– fresh chili leaves
– fresh green chili
– fish sauce to taste
– crushed garlic

It is actually very easy to make. First, saute the garlic and ginger slices in some oil, add the chicken, brown a bit, add the fish sauce. Put in a three cups of water. Simmer until chicken is done. Put in the papaya and fresh chili, then simmer for five minutes. Top with green chili leaves before serving. Serve piping hot.


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