Fun with fondue

Went fondue-ing again last night. Can I do that? Use fondue as a verb? Anyway, I seem to enjoy fondue only on even years. First time I ever had it was in 2010, and that was the first time food was ever mentioned on this blog. The second time was in 2012. But it took another 4 years before I found myself in front of a simmering pot again and inhaling the savory aroma of cheese. An evening of fondue wasn’t actually on the agenda. My friend K and I, after seeing “Deadpool,” had planned on a late lunch/early dinner at another restaurant to celebrate her birthday. But after we realized how close we were to The Melting Pot, we quickly revised our plans.


Fondue is perfect for when you want to have a leisurely meal, which K and I needed because we had a lot to catch up on. Got the four-course experience, which meant we got cheese, salad, an entree and dessert. For the cheese, we picked the “Classic Alpine,” which featured “aged Gruyère, Raclette and fontina cheeses blended with white wine and fresh garlic and finished with a dash of nutmeg.”  (Have I mentioned how much I love cheese. I can nibble on it all day long. Even the cheese from the Philippines, the Kraft or even Eden brands. I even eat them without bread.) The cheese fondue came with artisan bread and fresh vegetables, such as carrots, broccoli and cauliflower.


I remembered that the last time I was here, I’d ordered the Caesar salad, so this time I went with the “Apple Bacon Spinach.” It may be my new favorite: fresh spinach, green apples, crimini mushrooms, sweet and spicy pecans, hard-boiled egg in apple bacon vinaigrette.


Both K and I, unabashed carnivores, went with the “Steak Lovers” option — filet mignon, teriyaki-marinated sirloin and certified Angus beef sirloin — for our entree, and chose coq au vin (Burgundy wine with fresh herbs, spices and mushrooms) for our cooking broth. The cooked meat would have been delicious on its own but a variety of sauces was actually served with it and I found myself reaching for the Gorgonzola cheese sauce.


If you are wondering if we had room for dessert after seeing all this food, I can assure you the thought crossed our minds. But dessert was chocolate fondue; there’s always room for chocolate. We went with the “Chocolate S’mores” version that featured milk chocolate with marshmallow cream, flambéed and sprinkled with bits of graham crackers. For dipping, we got strawberries, bananas, Oreo-covered marshmallows, pound cake, Rice Krispies treats and brownies.



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