Sidetrip food trip to U.P.


I passed by UP today on the way back to Taguig and treated myself to two classic food treats from the campus. No, it’s not Rodic’s tapsilog, it’s Khas Food House’s ox brain special — and it’s a lot of brain — spicy, rich, salty and sweet. I had it with a mango lassi.


For appetizers, I bought some barbecue from Mang Larry’s — chicken intestine, pork intestine, pork ears, and pork liver. The vinegar dipping sauce is still as good as it was 20 years ago, even better.

I am sure you have never eaten in these places when you a student there a couple of decades ago. Ha,ha.


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    Were those stores (kiosks?) even there when were in school?!?! I’m very intrigued by the ox brain!


    1. Betis Boy says:

      Of course they were! Khas is in the shopping center in front of Ylang-ylang, while Mang Larry’s used to be near SC (it was a food cart now it’s a kiosk).


      1. Guagua Girl says:

        Oh, I think I remember Mang Larry. He also sells “betamax” and “adidas,” right? For the life of me, I can’t remember Khas. But speaking of food places near dorms, I’m now missing the chicken at … the dorm next to Sampaguita, LOL! Dude, my memory is going!


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