Alupihang dagat (mantis shrimp)

You would have thought that by this time I have tried every kind of food available.

(Well, I haven’t eaten worms, at least deliberately, or other forms of insects except mole crickets, which are a delicacy in our province).

Speaking of insects, there’s this insect-looking shrimp that my mom brought home last weekend from the market. They are called alupihang dagat because they come from the sea but look like giant centipedes, especially when uncooked. Their English name is mantis shrimp (thank you, Google).

They are said to be good when cooked in coconut milk, but they were also good as my mom cooked them — in oyster sauce and chili. Problem is they had very little meat, and were so hard to peel. I’m sticking with shrimps.


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