Seafood pasta (shrimp, scallops, mussels, smoked fish, salmon, crab roe)

Recently, you posted a pasta scampi dish that looked really good. I remember I have saved a post for a pasta in olive oil with mussels. I just tossed in the spaghetti in the mussels that I sauteed in garlic, removed the ones that didn’t open, and used their natural juices as the sauce for the pasta.

A variation of your scampi dish is to combine shrimp, scallops and tinapa (smoked herring) that you cook either in a lemon butter sauce or in olive oil.  Some chili flakes (or whole dried chilis if you prefer) rounds it all up in terms of flavor, and the taste is fantastic.

If you feel sinful and decadent, then try this crab-roe sauce sauted in garlic olive oil plus shrimps. I used zitti pasta for this one, so the holes absorb the sauce.

Lastly, there’s the old, reliable salmon and lemon-butter sauce combination. I spiced it up with some sausage slices and a couple of prawns to make it heartier. 🙂



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