The Todd English Food Hall at The Plaza

Many restaurants are doing this thing called “small plates” these days, and I’m loving it. They’re not necessarily appetizers. They’re more like miniature entrees. And when you can’t decide what you want to eat because there are too many yummy-sounding items on the menu, small plates are definitely the way to go.

That’s what K and I did when we had dinner a couple of weeks ago at the Todd English Food Hall at The Plaza hotel near Central Park. We met for drinks at The Rose Club at the hotel and decided to grab dinner before heading to see a show. A lot of things on the menu sounded amazing and we couldn’t make up our minds. We ended up ordering a bunch of small plates — called “tastings” at TE — instead, including this pretty awesome chunky guacamole with tortillas (love the queso fresco):


You know my taste in food well enough that I’m sure, had you seen the menu before reading this post, you would have said, “Yup, she’d order that” — tuna tartar in a crisp wonton taco. It’s made even more delicious by the avocado crema, ginger aioli and sesame brown butter topping.


But what about the burgers in the featured photo, you’re probably asking. Yup, we got those, too. They’re technically beef sliders, and were quite juicy and flavorful and were served with these can’t-stop-eating-them parmesan fries.


You’d think with that mound of fries, K and I would be carbed out and starched out. Of course not! K was super curious over the risotto tater tots with fontina and truffle aioli so we had to try them out. They were … OK. I ended up dipping the parmesan fries in the aioli.


I had a lovely elderflower smash cocktail to go with all this amazing food, which left me pretty chill and excited for the show we were about to see: “Shuffle Along, or the Making of the Musical Sensation of 1921 and All That Followed.” (Quick review: It was spectacular and emotional!)


I hope to return soon. There are a lot more items in that menu and in other parts of the food hall that I’m very eager to try.


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