Baseball, booze and a buffet

Baseball fans will tell you that the best way to take in a game is right in the stands surrounded by exuberant fellow fans, hotdog on one hand, maybe a mitt on the other, ready to catch any foul ball that may come your way.


But on a day when we were in the middle of an almost-heat wave, I was very happy to be sitting and cheering for my favorite team inside an air-conditioned lounge overlooking left field in Yankee Stadium, with roving servers willing to concoct delicious cocktails for me and a scrumptious buffet only a few feet away.


It’s become an annual thing now, to watch a Yankees game from the Audi Club with my friends K&D. It started a few years ago when they took me there for my birthday. The Bronx Bombers, booze and all-you-can-eat buffet? Best birthday ever!

Now, here’s the typical ballpark fare, which I had a few weeks ago when I went to see a game with friends from work: foot-long hotdog (I forgot the condiments and was too lazy to go back for pickles and ketchup) and cheese fries. (Also, you can’t see the gigantic soda in the commemorative plastic tumbler).


And here’s what you get at the Audi Club:

Butcher’s block: brisket with barbecue sauce
From the ocean: cocktail shrimp and mussels with buttery baby potatoes
Asian chicken salad, Greek salad, quinoa salad, fruit salad, etc.
Gelato, including a s’mores version and one that was apple pie

And this is what ended up on our plates

So, I was feeling pretty good during the middle part of the game: My tummy was full, I was enjoying delicious cocktails and my team was ahead 6-0 in the fifth. My and K’s biggest concern was the seating chart for her wedding reception.

Then the heavens opened and the game was stopped for 30 minutes. When play resumed, the Yankees had lost their mojo. They began giving up runs and I ended up drowning my sorrows in cupcakes and gelato as my team spiraled into a humiliating loss, 12-6.



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