For the longest time, I thought these fish-shaped waffle treats originated in Korea because I always find them in Korean stores. Turns out, if the Internet is to be believed, they actually came from Japan! Either way, they are delicious — and addictive. They also come in various shapes, sizes and with different fillings.


Traditionally, the filling is red bean paste. Those are the ones I often get. But the tiny ones featured on the left actually have custard. It’s actually a good thing they’re a bit pricey — $9.99 for a dozen — otherwise I would be munching on them like they’re popcorn.


But I think you would like the bigger version better. Why? Because it has Nutella in it! The waffle seems to have a bit of mochi in it, making it chewier than the smaller ones. I wonder if the mochi has to do with the size, makes it easier to hold more filling.



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