Satiated in Santorini

My Facebook “memories” reminded me that a year ago today I was in Greece on vacation, and I realized that the moussaka and the fantastic dinner at Koukoumavlos were the only things I’d shared about that trip. We’d definitely enjoyed a lot more amazing food. For now, let me share our first dinner in Greece.

We got to Santorini pretty late in the afternoon, after waiting so long at the airport in Athens for a connecting flight. By the time we arrived at our hotel it was getting dark, not a good time to explore an unfamiliar place. So after we got settled, my cousin and I decided on dinner at the Splendour Hotel restaurant. Unfamiliar with some of the items on the menu, we asked our server for guidance. He suggested an assortment of appetizers, so we can get a taste of everything. Then we picked seafood for our entrees. Before he returned with the food, he left us with artisanal bread and this really awesome olive oil that had a buttery flavor.


It’s a good thing the bread had eased our hunger a bit. Otherwise, I think we would have pounced on the appetizers. Because they looked and smelled absolutely wonderful. Tasted wonderful, too!


OK, so you’re probably wondering what you’re seeing here. From left to right, we had eggplant salad on bread, and tomato and zucchini balls. For the dips, top to bottom, we had tzatziki, split pea dip and more tomatoes, this time in oil.


For the main course, my cousin got a shrimp entree. I can’t remember exactly what it was, only that it was very good and that the shrimp had fatty heads and were delicious. I got pasta with shrimp tossed in tomatoes, olive oil and lots of garlic. It’s a dish I make a lot these days (huh, I just realized I haven’t posted a recipe for it). The dinner was a great start to our stay in Santorini. And I’ll share more. For now, I leave you with images from our first full day in Greece.






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  1. Betisboy says:

    If you had to ask me where I can eat on my last day, it will be either in Greece or Thailand. Or Japan, Singapore or Vietnam. Everything on that post looked delicious. Did you try their octopus?


    1. Guagua Girl says:

      I did indeed try their octopus. It’ll be coming up in another post. I think we were in Mykonos.


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