Gahar ko halwa (Gajrela)


I said I will share with you my good (and not-so-good) food experiences during my recent trip to Nepal. Nepalese cuisine is largely Indian in origin — so there was a lot of flat breads and curries during our stay there. Even their sweets and desserts are the same. This is a sweet (somewhat wet) pudding made of shredded carrots, almonds, milk, sugar and ghee (clarified butter). I thought there was some coconut strips in this as well … so it basically tasted like a macaroon mix that hasn’t been baked yet. It was delicious nonetheless. It looked weird but it tasted right.


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  1. Guagua Girl says:

    For a second there I wondered if that’s a sarsyado (tomato-based method of cooking). So that’s dessert? Was it hot? Cold?


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