Seafood fresh from the docks

More reminiscing about Greece … Because we were going to take a ferry from Santorini, we had a super light breakfast. So by the time we got to Mykonos mid-afternoon, we were famished. The lovely hotel desk clerk recommended a taverna called Marco Polo. It took awhile to find because Mykonos’ streets don’t exactly follow a grid. 

Marco Polo turned out to be a simple eatery with mostly al fresco dining. Once we placed our order for the seafood platter, the server (or maybe it was his manager) must have called down to the docks because a short time later, a young man arrived with fresh fish, shrimp, mussels and squid. I can’t remember what kind of fish that big one is but it reminded me of our tilapia. The seafood was brushed with olive oil and grilled, and then served with lemon slices and roasted potatoes. Given how fresh everything was, you can imagine how delicious the meal was. 

Before the meal, we were given bread with tzatziki, left in photo above, that almost tasted like the cheese pimiento spread we make. Ateng E and I made fast work of that. I mentioned we were famished, right? 


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