Bright (Christmas) lights in the big city

You gotta love the enthusiasm some people get over Christmas decorations. I’m a minimalist myself. I used to put up a tree, but these days I just hang a couple of wreaths over the doors, take out my Christmas tree-shaped candles for the dining table, loop a garland over an entryway and I’m all set. Not these people in Brooklyn, though (for that matter, not some of my neighbors either).


Tuesday night, my cousins and I went on a Christmas lights tour. Dyker Heights is a neighborhood in Brooklyn that has become famous for the residents’ holiday decorations.

Lucy Spata’s angels and toy soldiers

It began, according to our tour guide, when one Lucy Spata began decorating her lawn with angel ornaments back in the 1980s. Her neighbors complained. Like a true New Yorker (or Brooklynite, to be more specific), she told them they could always move if they didn’t like her decor. They couldn’t beat her, so they decided to join her and now the neighborhood is a tourist destination during the holidays.


Some residents decorate their own homes, others hire professionals.


Some have themes, others are more haphazard. But every single one of them celebrates the joys of the season.



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  1. Betis Boy says:

    Wow. That’s a lot of hard work and joy in there. How long do they last? Such a bummer when you have to take these down.


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