Salmon ceviche (kinilaw na salmon)

Kilo bangus, or milkfish ceviche, is one of my dad’s favorites, though he pairs it with rice these days rather than beer. I enjoy it, too, but I don’t have the same patience as my mom to debone the fish. That’s why I love using salmon sashimi.

The classic version of kilo uses lemon juice, salt and pepper and chillies. And that’s what I used for the one below. You can see the acidity of the lemon juice already “cooking” the fish.


Now, I’ve been playing around with a recipe for a vinegar dip. I’ve mostly used this for pork dishes, such as barbecue, but I tried it with the salmon and IT. IS. YUMMY!

So start with a cup of Philippine vinegar, preferably sasa made from the nipa tree, but any suka will do. Pour it in a small bottle and place a couple of star anise and a couple of bay leaves. Then add salt and pepper. Store in a cool, dark place for a couple of weeks to let the spices permeate the vinegar, or 24 hours at the very least. Then, just before using it, add about three teaspoons of coconut milk.



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