Cafe Un Deux Trois: A little taste of Paris in the Theater District

Had a blast last night at Concert for America at Town Hall in Manhattan. How could I not with Barry Manilow, Vanessa Williams and a Playbill of Broadway stars performing? But before the show, my friend and I had a lovely dinner at the nearby Cafe Un Deux Trois (West 44th Street, near Sixth Avenue).

It’s like stepping into an actual cafe in France, with sparkly chandeliers and massive columns dotting the room. The food is great, the servers courteous and helpful — and many of them have delightful accents, like they’re either French or trying to be French. Considering where the restaurant is located, I can easily imagine some of the servers also being actors waiting for their big break on the Great White Way.

Country pate with chicken liver, pork, duck plus Cognac

I got the pate de Campagne au Cognac as an appetizer, coarse and savory with a nice crunch courtesy of the pistachios. The creamy and slightly tart salad provided a nice balance.

Crepe du Canada (fresh salmon, capers, onion, sour cream and fresh dill)

What I was really excited about, though, was the crepe du Canada, or salmon crepe. This restaurant knows how to handle salmon, it’s tender, flaky and just perfect. I’ve been to Cafe Un Deux Trois a number of times and I always order the salmon crepe. Always. I’m sure there’s other great stuff on its menu and I plan on trying more of them later but the salmon crepe is a must-eat.


We had time so we got some dessert. You know me, if there’s a creme brulee on the menu, that’s what I go for, although I was sorely tempted by the profiteroles — puff pastry with vanilla ice cream smothered in a warm chocolate sauce and topped with sliced almonds. Maybe next time.


Cafe Un Deux Trois is literally right next door to some of Broadway’s biggest theaters. So if you’re looking to have a nice leisurely meal — or a quick one; the servers usually ask if you’re seeing a show and what time — before heading to the theater, this is a good place to go.




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