Meet the bloggers

Guagua Girl and Betis Boy are two Pampangueños (or Capampangans) who began as writing contest nemeses way back in high school and became best friends while at the University of the Philippines (Diliman). Their relationship was forged over long talks at the Aguman tambayan (hangout), late-night arguments in front of their dormitories, lazy walks to and from shared classes, and meals at the McDonald’s at the San Fernando, Pampanga, junction. Their frequent choice was a small order of fries, which more often than not was all they could afford on their student allowance at the time.

Guagua Girl is a journalist in New York while Betis Boy works part time as an environmental/urban planner and human resources consultant. Their noms de plume indicate their hometowns.

They last saw each other in person back in 2006, when Betis Boy visited New York. They began Friendship & Fries — originally Friendship Over Fries on Blogger — a few years ago as a repository for exchanges on how life is going on each side of the Pacific. It didn’t start out as a food blog but evolved into one because of Guagua Girl and Betis Boy’s fascination with and appetite for all kinds of food.

So, welcome to the blog! Feel free to poke around — read the posts, try out the recipes, ask questions. They’re happy to hear from you.


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  1. Cecil Batac says:

    Good to find your blog site again. I’m subscribed to Friendship Over Fries but I don’t remember having received a message nor seen that your site has moved. I enjoy reading your bloigs! I’m also a UP Aguman member.


    1. Guagua Girl says:

      Hi Atching Cecil! Glad you found us again! Of course, we know you. I think we’re friends on Facebook. We moved the blog a couple years ago because Blogger started limiting template options. WordPress allows for a more visual presentation. Hope you’re enjoying the site!


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