Bicol Express

Cool day calls for a little bit of heat in the kitchen, so I decided to try my hand at making Bicol Express. I’m fully admitting this version is in no way authentic. In fact, it’s a bit of a patchwork with ingredients culled from various recipes online and from eating the dish at various Filipino restaurants….

Summer fruits galore

Caimitos, mangoes, chicos, bananas, papayas, melons, sampaloc. They are upon us. 🙂  

Broccolino in Brooklyn

My friend K, who is a regular at Barclays Center, has been telling me about all the great food that could be found around the arena. So when cousin E and I got tickets to see Green Day last week, I knew exactly who to call for restaurant recommendations. K did not disappoint with her extensive…

Sisig paro (shrimp ceviche)

  We had a family dinner last night and my aunt made sisig paro: freshwater shrimp marinated in calamansi juice and seasoned with salt, chili and onions. Heaven.


  Caramel-filled rice cakes. Rolled in coconut. Yum.

Sautéed eggplants

I did a quick stir fry using these ingredients: Some sliced eggplants, which I fried in three tablespoons of oil until slightly brown. Then I added crushed garlic and sliced chili in the pan. After the garlic is cooked, I added some oyster sauce, fermented black beans and a dash of sugar. Delicious!

Peanuts with garlic chips

When family in the Philippines ask what pasalubong to send our way, Dad always requests Allies Wonder Peanuts. We usually get them in tin cans, although sometimes I see them in plastic bottles, too. I love that they include more garlic chips these days. Mom says I prefer garlic chips with peanuts, instead of the other way around, LOL!

Shrimp sinigang with pork rinds

While you are hailing the joys of summer with a papaya shake, I am still in the throes of winter. It’s snowing again after several glorious days of spring-like weather. So I’m making hot and spicy shrimp sinigang with chicharon (pork rinds) to ward off the chills. I especially love this when the shrimp heads…

Homemade papaya shake

Ah, summer! Time for fruit shakes! Blend: a cup of sliced papaya half a cup of milk a teaspoon of sugar crushed ice Enjoy!

Spam in black bean sauce

The “emergency” food in our household is a can of Spam. Mom was not able to go to market this morning so we had to open one today for lunch. I prefer sliced tomatoes to go with this. But today I leveled it up by putting in some crushed garlic and fermented black beans. Sounds weird but…